Friday, March 20, 2009

Oriental Stampart Anniversary Challenges

My favorite online stamping group is Oriental Stamp Art with it's companion website Oriental Stamp Art. This year the group is celebrating it's 10th Anniversary with a series of two weekly challenges for members. This was my entry for one of the challenges earlier this year. I cut a piece of cling mounting foam in the shape of a heart and attached narrow overlapping strips of washi paper scraps, starting with shorter strips diagonally left to right on the left top of the heart just long enough to cover to the point where I started with longer strips in the other direction. I trimmed the strips along the edges leaving just enough to fold to the back 1/4" or so. I used double-stick tape along the back edge to secure the overhanging strips--in some cases making little slits to get the paper to lay flat and follow the curves of the heart. The finished heart was layered on white, then a coordinating washi paper and then a coordinating solid color cs. Since I was just layering this on a card I didn't finish the back. However if you wanted to make this into a pin you could cover the back with a piece of washi paper cut to the shape of the heart. You could add a ribbon loop or bow at the top to hang the heart or you could put a pin back on it. You could also seal it with a clear varnish.

Funny how one starts a business because they love doing something and then never have the time to do the things they love. I am hoping these challenges on OSA will motivate me to make more time for stamping this year!

If you appreciate Asian themed art I highly recommend this group. Warning! Warning! Warning! Do not start exploring OrientalStampArt unless you have a comfortable place to sit, munchies and beverages handy and a lot of free time. The galleries, classes and techniques sections, ezine and other resources are simply awesome!

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