Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Helen Hyde

While visiting our sons at the University of Oregon several years ago we attended a special exhibit at the Schnitzer Museum on campus of Asian Art. I was quite intrigued by the prints by Helen Hyde. Born in New York in 1868, Hyde had wide-ranging art studies in her youth, in San Francisco, New York, Berlin and Paris. She travelled to Japan when she was 31, studied Japanese painting techniques, and began to produce woodblock prints, working with local craftsmen. Much of her work was considered Many of her main themes were considered "saccharine" and her images of women and children were not properly appreciated at the time. She died of cancer at 51. I think these images are really quite sweet. My favorite technique is simple stamping and coloring with watercolor pencils. All these images can be found here on two sheets of images inspired by the works of Helen Hyde. Images are also available singly.

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