Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hokusai Swallows

The Hokusai Swallows (available as a single stamp or on a sheet) stamp an image with a lot of impact. For this card, I've used bamboo (Rubber stamp Plantation) to create a setting for their antics. It really doesn't matter what the plant material is - I've used them with cherry branches, pine, other bamboo images - the birds always steal the show. They are also great with architectural images. Stamp them in black and then add a little color with chalk or pencil. The first card was stamped on plain white cardstock, with color added by chalks. The yellow card was stamped on a printed scrapbook paper. The red card was stamped on white cardstock that had been sponged with red and pink inks. Very different, very versatile, very, very simple! I love these birds!

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Sonia E. said...

These are gorgeous!!!!