Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Flowers

Heather Taylor

The background for this image is cardstock stamped with the single daffodil bloom off the Floral Sheet 1A (actually, all the stamps in both these cards are off that sheet), then embossed in Moonglow embossing powder (which allows it to have lots of texture, but not compete with the main image). The main image and text are stamped on a piece of polished stone on semi-gloss paper, with more moonglow embossing on the single "daffodil" word stamp. It's simply finished with layering over a bit of hand-made paper, and two brads.

Heather Taylor

For this card, I colored the stamp with chalk inks, and stamped it onto a piece of semi-gloss paper that had been slightly pounced with more chalk inks, over the text stamped in the bright green ink. Two layers of cardstock--a very simple card with a lot of color punch!

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