Friday, June 12, 2009

Korea Sheet

Hover your mouse on the slides above to see the item number and the name of the person who created the samples shown. You can also slow down, speed up or pause the slides by using the buttons below the slide window.

Well, hopefully we are back on track--but then one never knows what is waiting around the corner. We still are working on moving up and resettling my husband's mother from Albuquerque to Portland and I have grandkids arriving next week for two weeks -- but barring any unforeseen calamities I should be able to changeout our specials every two weeks or so.

This week we are featuring our Korea Sheet. You can see the individual images as well as some samples in the slide show above. Dee, Heather and Bonnie created samples especially in honor of Father's Day as well as others. Barbie Dopson, Sandra Grimes and Kavi Coulson also have samples in this posting's slide show above. Send us a copies of your work with Art Neko and Taylored Stamps and we will add them into our slide shows.

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