Saturday, August 1, 2009

Haiku in August

Slide Show too fast? Click the Pause (||) button and then you can use the arrows to click through at your own speed.....If anyone can tell me how to slow down a Picasa slide show I am all ears (or eyes and fingers....) You can click any image to be taken to a link for the stamp used.

We've been experiencing a 10 heat wave here in the Northwest. Seattle set an all time high and here in Portland we missed our high by 1 degree, but the length of consecutive days above 100 may have beaten the records. We mostly don't have air conditioning in our homes as we hardly ever use it so I have been a prisoner of the basement!

Hope you enjoy this slide show. Mention the Art Neko Blog when ordering any of our Haiku collection between now and August 15th and get 25% off on any of our haiku stamps or sheets.

Keep cool! I'm trying to!


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