Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Easter Eggs

Take two friends from Germany, bring them over to the Oregon coast, plop them down with plastic eggs, Mod Podge, washi papers and soft thai tamarind papers (found here), doublestick tape and some brushes and the fun begins!

Karin and Patricia spent one evening of their 2 week visit with us decorating plastic easter eggs using a slightly modified version of the instructions found here. I said I would find a use for those triangles cut out in the other instructions and Karin and Patricia decided they would look nice just added onto the eggs in a random pattern.

We also experimented with covering separately the top and bottom halves of these eggs, being careful not to interfere with the closures and we ended up with eggs that could be opened and stuffed with surprises and then closed back together.
Since these plastic eggs also come with a small hole at the top we discovered we could take a bit of thin wire, bend it in half sticking both ends through the hole and twisting the ends into a ball so they wouldn't slip out. This made a nice little loop to hang the eggs from. If you look closely at the first picture you can see Karin's first egg suspended at the top of the window. This would also allow one to hang the eggs and spray on a sealant.

Karin and Patricia also got to attend one afternoon of the Heirloom Stamp Show in Portland last weekend, after helping us with a tree planting project in our neighborhood. They also got to sample Tillamook ice cream at the dairy (which they loved so much we had to stop again there for an ice cream breakfast on our way back to Portland), saw several grey whales migrating north off of the Oregon coast, and this morning Karin caught the salmon above while out with my husband (also pictured) and my brother on his boat in the Columbia.

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Heather T. said...

Holy cow, I can't believe how big that salmon is!! Beautiful eggs, too... =)